Nov 8, 2017

Kitten's Aunt

How did kitten call their moms sister?


Sep 17, 2017

Dragonfly the boss

What did the helicopter said to the Dragonfly?

Sir, big fan

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Aug 8, 2017

Surreal Art

The birds start tuning into flower vase or may be are stuffed into it. A juxtaposition of these subjects is not necessarily allegorical, it does present the conflict however. Or may be at a balance if at all. and ofcourse for the sake of a visual appeal on the foreground.

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

The vase is inanimate , the bird is nimble. Although both are vulnerable, fragile and may be therefore an object of beauty. One can be preserved, and the other is perishable.
Have a look for yourself and keep enjoying.

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The main drama is created when a series of such juxtapositions are grouped, almost as if trying to tell a story or building on to a situation.
Photography Prints

Art Prints

Often the enemies turn into friends, and many other changes happen in the course of time,  may be we can be more open to changes around. And why not if it is for the best.
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