Feb 21, 2018

Rajai me dubki

थोड़ा और
थोड़ा सा
बस थोड़ा सा और

ऐसे ही थोड़ा और
थोड़ा और कर
राजाई में दुबकी हुई थी
फुर्सत; वक़्त
या यूँ कहूँ की ज़िन्दगी

थोड़ा और
थोड़ा और कह
निकली जा रही थी

जीने के लिये
बस थोड़ी सी ज़िन्दगी

Na jane kisne

Na jaane kis ne
muh pe syahi pot di
Aur Achanak
sabko wah nazar aane laga

Itna dhyaan
Itna dhyaan
 to uske saaf chehre par
bhi na deta tha koi

Ab uske lekho me
Samalochakon ko milne lagi dhaar
Ab uske vichaar
 par hone laga vichaar

Achha khaasa
mashhoor ho gaya

Kise yaad ki yeh sab
 paison ki lalach me hua tha

Warna jahan khud ka sach sunne ki fursat na ho
Wahan doosron ka jhut kaun bolta hai....

Jan 22, 2018

Collage Art for Kids

This time, would like to share some of my collage work that are partly surreal and partly imaginative . Not just for kids room but for any body who is young at heart

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You never know what you may find at the dusk of a rainy day, may be a flying elephant , may be just a rainbow.........

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boy with balloons riding a pet tapir, this couldnet have been possible if the tapir was still upset about the high tension job he left at the wallstreet. Letting children ride on its back is much more fun than haggling over phonecalls and pcs on the wallstreet.

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whale came back as it seems it was interested in the sweet lolipop ,as  lolipop attacts more plankktons and more planktons mean more food for her. 

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And a baby hippo that was only following her mama after the warm bath....

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The toucan, who has recently undergone a migration and has agreed to hold the swing for a while (until he gets a visa or fly back to the other side of the wall). So all children are welcome; to enjoy the swing.

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Mr, Giraffe left his MNC job to do something peaceful..at first finding a new job was difficult, but later his height presented an advantage , ie getting cloud softies for kids. One has to eat it before it rains

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