May 31, 2009

ending signatures and some more

followin mails signatures, jargoans, phrases of IT ppl , i found out some funny ones here is a gist of what i remember
..yeh vending machine kabhi dhang se kaam kyon nahi karti
..जो Release पे फट जाए उसे सॉफ्टवेर कहते हैं.
..आओ मीटिंग मीटिंग खेलते हैं - as said by my client

..i am unable to fix the system , wont be able to fix it this weekend
cheers ,


..client :what are you doing in this industry ?
me :nothing
client: me too
..elaborate signatures

thanks and warm regards ,
Name middle name lastname
job title
bu , company
addressline 1
address line 2
address line 3
address line 4
mail id
some verrrrrrrrrrrrry veryyyyyyyyyyy long quote by aristotle or socrates (which no one understand)

(and lastly)plase consider envoirment before printing this mail
(guess they should also mentions there home address , sasural ka pata etc. )

..this was expected frm you what else (managers at appraisal time )
..chocs at my desk (no chocs left by the time you reach)

..yeh to poora sev1 defect hai
...isko upar wale ne bina testing ke release kyon kiya
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