Jul 20, 2009

Another perspective :: water sport in goa

Had a chance to enjoy the goan natural beauty , and as all tourists do, so did my friends and i, went to have a taste of the beach water sports, to the Kalangote(FYI its not a sandhi of kala and langot) Beach .

Item : Entire Package
Price : 1000 INR

Includes : Water Scooter
Para Sailing

Here is what we actually got

Water scooter : isme aapko ek water scooter pe baithate hain , jaise papa aapko bachpan mein motorcycle pe aage baithate the . You are allowed to enjoy the ride but not to touch the handle .
Nostalgic !

Bumping : Dhat burbak , yeh to khali paisa lootane jaisa hai , they make you sit on a round tube attached to a motorboat and take the motor boat in speed . Why is it called bumping ; because you get bumps(kicks) on you A** .Saala! peeche ek hazaar laate khao aur paise bhi do .

Banana : Yaani kela , socha bhi na tha ki attempt to murder hoga mere saath .They make you and many other guys sit long straight Banana Tube take it in full speed and turn the boat which makes the banana turn upside down , and you as well . "bachao" is the only word your mind can think of . Mine experience was a bit worse ek moti (one fat girl) didn't know to swim (just like me and all others) and she grabbed me , ek to samandar ne mera dam ghota aur baaki bacha kucha us moti ne , thanks to Hanuman ji I am safe .

Haan bhaiya last but not the least , jab saare kapade bheeg jatein hain to aapko parasailing karayi jaati hai .

Para sailing : Most avaited( yeh w hi hai paani me bheeg ke sikud gaya hai ) sport , in my case they took us in the mid of the sea on a boat and took us there for half an hour in the sun (remember we were drenched in saline water) then the boat with parachute arrived . to bhiaya aakhir para sailing me hota ka hai ? kuch nahi bas hawa me chaddhi sukhane ke paise le lete hain , hum ne to kai baar bola are abhi mat utaro abhi kapada sookha nahi hai , to bola ke doosre ka chance hai.

so this was another view to the most enjoyed extravaganza , do go to Goa once in life , after all tax free daroo aur kahan ?

Jul 12, 2009

My greatest goofups #1

Well this time, I was traveling by bus from Yerwada to Pune station obviously in Pune.

As usual it was crowdy (yup I know there is no such word in angrezi..bhawnao ko samjha karo yaar).
On the next stop an Old lady boarded, she looked very disgusted by the temperature outside and acting as a good boy (why can't I be good :) ) I offered the lady my seat.
Before I proceed I want you to know that when it comes to Marathi I am good at just one sentence mala marathi yet nai.(I dont uderstand marathi language)
Lady thanked me in marathi, to which i nodded with a smile. Not a minute had passed she spoke again and was looking at me, I don't know what to say but I nodded in agreement(yes you are so right Mam). Two stops passed by and the lady was speaking on something or the other .
Meanwhile I got hold of another seat on the opposite side, how ever I wasn't so quick; so lost the window seat to a young lady and had to compromise with the one I got .
But the Old lady, spoke again and this time a very very long sentence. I could not resist my self and recited the famous phrase that I am good at:ud at "mala marathi yet nahi".
Old Lady laughed and said in Hindi , aap ke bagal mein meri beti hai main usse baat kar rahi hu (easy English translation:- I am talking to my daughter sitting next to you ) .
Now I realised that her daughter was standing next to me in the bus before .(yaar uski ladkii ne ek baar bhi apni ma ki kisi baat ka jawaab nahi diya - her daughter never replied even once) but apna to majaak ud chuka tha ; no explanation can change this fact.
Only thing relieving was the next stop Pune station, I ran down as fast as I could, just to escape the moment.