Nov 13, 2009

yet another mimicry script

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Nov 11, 2009

Key Learnings of a bachelor part 2

Living alone away from home i gathered some more wisdom , here are a few more learnings of my bachelor life :

- The 2% rule
Out of 100 girls you meet ..
15 are already seeing someone or, are married.
20 have had a real bad experience lately and are not ready to go around with someone.
50(of the left ) are waiting for someone who's rich, or James Bond or Brad Pitt (although they end up with some guy like tamil hero ).
5 (of the left remember )are very demanding and you soon feel tired running after.
8 are the left ones are those are too weird to be seen, and as said life is too short to dance with ugly girls.
So only 2 out of 100 are left as a good possibility, (Unless you are Brad Pitt of you town).

- Girls never want you to solve their problems; they just want you to listen to it because they are feeling like talking to someone. After all a headache that appears almost 7 days of a week needs a doctor and not you.

- In a mall your first target should be the Shop with "50% discount" offer you will meet a lot of girls there . But be sure not to buy anything just feel the cloth texture of the shirts and say "Oh that's pathetic " loudly, you will seek a lot of attention.

- Never interrupt a girl when she is making a mistake, because you are the one to be blamed anyways.

- Friends who complain about you not being with them (due to some ladki ka chakkar ) are the ones to leave you first when you are alone

- Cleanliness is very very necessary, don't forget to take bath once a week....not considering winters.

- Books like "How to vomet on your neighbor's dog " become a part of the bestsellers list but are read mostly by those who like reading books and not working on them.

- Never be fooled by the line "this is not just a book, In fact you have to practice with it ", you will have a hard time doing so and soon you will end up being a confused sheep.

- Always remember procrastination never pays, who cares.

- Never admit you drink, you will make a lot of friends that you never meet again

- It takes more than a lifetime to understand what it is.