Jan 24, 2010

singing the same old song

so again they come
and as usual ,..... take it all with them
o it has been so long!
and here i am
singing... the same old song

they said aint it beautiful
but all see is ruins
they said that its for a while
but i see going strong
they said its for peace
but i saw him killing his mates

they say so mu...........ch
they say it overtime
they say they are right
they say that i am wrong

and here i am singing the same old song

singing the same old song
singing the same old song

Jan 21, 2010

key learning of a bachelor - iii

After surviving the chilly winters of New york I came up with a few more of my self acquired wisdom

-At a train station if you see a lot of people coming towards you, chances are you have missed yours

-Don't look at someone in America. If you look; smile. If you don't they will think you are rude. If you smile and they smile, say hi. If you don't they think you are very egotist. If you say hi and other person replies talk. If you talk with your accent they wont understand. If you try to imitate them, they make fun of you.

-If you take time to reply you are faking. If you reply quickly you are not thinking. If you are somewhere in the middle of the two you are just mediocre.

-Don't boards (Like - stick no bills, don't pee here, leash scrub and clean up after you dog) indicate what happens there in actual .

-Winter season special: if you wear a sweater, you need not iron the shirt.

-Jackets never get dirty, never.