May 22, 2010

Operation Chilla

Chilla : chee - la  a yellow monster that sticks in the frying pan when touched by a man; has an opposite reaction when made by a woman (for non hindi readers its a gram flour omellete). 

Had nothing much to do this weekend so thought of making something impossible. Watched several you tube videos like "How to make Indian snack :" and after an hour or two finally got the motivation to do something.

Here is what is required to make a chilla : Gram flour, fine grated onion , chopped tomatoes , red chilli powder and a hell lot of other stuff that i forgot by the time i was in kicthen.

Here is what I did. I added water in gram flour and grated onnions (I don't know what grated onnions look like but i cut them for five minutes) unlike the video it became a sticky one with flour clogged like honey bunches in oat meals . I took a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath concentrated and added some more water.
then some more
then some more
it looked like a thin soup , a friend of mine suggested that "paani jyada gir gaya hai" (you have poured in extra water) ..ofcourse more water is more healthy.
Added some more flour
Poured the gel on the pan .......waiting after two minutes I realised one has to lite the burner..
Some thing that the video on youtube missed was "if you are a guy this aint meant for you" warning.
I didnt realised when did the pan went hot and within seconds one side of the Chilla was burnt.Switched the burnere off , i tried to pull it out  and had crisps (obviously burnt on one side) .
Tried another similar result.
Tried another a bit better.
Tried another ok ok .
Was trying another when some one interrupted my meditation, with help of experts the last one was a masterpiece.