Jul 22, 2010

key learnings of a bachelor V

Adding some more to the wisdom :
In the monsoon:

+ Don't carry an umbrella during monsoons because it we be lost eventually, it gives you an opportunity to get wet :D and it also increases chances of getting along with some chick who carries one.
+ Raincoats provide better protection but are very non-stylish(as told by a girl).
+ Ironing wet shirts doesn't mean you cannot burn it! just need the right temperature.

+ Facebook, orkut are the best way of stalking on your ex.
+ Registering on job sites will help you get contact number of a lot of consultants(that are females)
At office: 
Never argue with a manager if he is married; they learn all the tacts from their wives and implement it in office.
Never argue with a manager if he is single; he is too frustrated to let you win.

Anti International Alarm: Decide and make a code on how to ring the doorbell in case someone is bringing a female to your flat; this would alert all flatmates and they won't be caught in International haalat (attire)*.

*Internation attire : means undergarments , haalat is used for condition but here it refers to attire.