Jun 27, 2017

The Definition of a Novelist

What if Green Lantern could keep a check on his imagination and lost the ring

They would call her a Novelist

Jun 13, 2017

Birds of Paradise in watercolor

Got a chance to paint the birds of paradise in watercolor. Have a look for yourself

King Bird Of Paradise

Blood red bird , that is a natural break dancer!,
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Blue Bird Of Paradise

Mating dance of the blue bird of paradise
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Rifle Bird Of Paradise

The rifle bird of paradise, performing mating dance

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The Superb Bird of paradise

The superb bir of paradise performing mating dance. He has two irredescent spots on his head and a crest on chest that create a psychedellic effect .
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Wallace's Standardwing Bird Of Paradise

Wallace standard wing has taken up its stance and is all set for the dance. One can only say nothing is more beautiful and elegant than the nature it self.
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King Of Saxony Bird Of Paradise

          The king of saxony bird of paradise flaunts his long fanatic wings behind the forehead and shouts with an irrestible mating call 
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Greater Bird Of Paradise

The greater bird of paradise perched on a branch, showing off its plumage as an advertisment for mating
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The Ribbon Tailed Bird Of Paradise

   The ribbon tailed Astrapia has an iridescent plumage on the front neck that looks like a blue teal pendant, making him irresistible for his mate. His remarkable long tail does rest of the trick.  
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Wilson's Bird Of Paradise

A living wonder of nature,brilliantly colored and popping out blue colour as if its brain exposed.
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and finally the best one of the lot

Parotia Dancing - Bird Of Paradise

The Parotia bird of paradise , has one of the most remarkable mating dance in the bird world. This is surprising for many naturalists as to how this bird is able to arrange its plume to form such a skirt-like shape,, and then perform a dance like a ballerina !
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Jun 12, 2017

Alert a blind person

Pj warning

How would Rahat, Fateh, Ali and Khan alert a blind man walking on a digged up road?

By singing "tu na jaane aas paas hai khuda "

Poor Batman

What if Batman was poor ugly and blind?

They would call him DareDevil.

Carlos Rehem

Normal Bollywood Sidekick villian of 70s:"Carlos Rehem"

Badshah :"Carlo Rehem thoda karlo rehem"